Dr. Wanjin Kim is the newest dentist to join the Cambridge Smiles team. He loves treating all patients and their families. He’s very charismatic and will ensure maximum comfort to everyone he treats.
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E-mail us at booking@cambridgesmiles.ca or call 519-622-1230.


Are you a scaredy cat when it comes to the dentists? So is Dr. Jayde Hepburn’s mom! But we are great with kids and adults who are anxious. We talk to our patients and help keep them relaxed through the whole treatment. Come see why Cambridge Smiles is different!

Get your consult by emailing booking@cambridgesmiles.ca or call 519-622-1230. We are located at 410 Hespeler Road in Cambridge.

Nadine is here to talk about Gum Recession!

Nadine is a Dental Hygienist here at Cambridge Smiles. She has over 27 years of experience!

Dr. Witulska of Cambridge Smiles Family Dentistry talks a little about the practice, what services are offered and how we can help anxious patients. We realize that for some people…going to the dentist isn’t fun…so we do everything we can to ensure you have the most comfortable visit! Let’s chat! We are located at 410 Hespeler Road in Cambridge! You may email us at office@cambridgesmiles.ca or phone 519-622-1230!