Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

There are many excellent options for whitening your teeth for a more beautiful and brighter smile. Patients can choose between:

  • Professional bleaching at a dental office
  • At home bleaching products
  • Use of a whitening toothpaste

Professional Bleaching (or Whitening as preferred by many dentists)

Professional bleaching is always performed in a dental practice. It is used for teeth that have been stained by coffee, tea, tobacco or age. Your dentist will decide which bleaching procedure will work best for your teeth as whiteners cannot correct all types of discolouration (such as tetracycline stains which do not respond as well). Bleaching will lighten teeth in varying degrees for approximately 95% of the population. Restorations and veneers will not be affected by bleaching and will remain the same colour.


  • A bleaching solution is applied to the teeth by the dentist (a protective gel is applied to soft tissue such as gums). The solution works by applying light or heat and light. The solution is then rinsed off and the teeth have become lightened. It may take multiple 30-60 minute treatments for best results. Bleaching will last for approximately one year though touch ups may be required.
  • Teeth Whitening is considered one of the fastest whitening procedures and can be performed in approximately one hour in a dental office.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  • Makes teeth look fresh, white and clean
  • Makes smiles brighter
  • Improves the self confidence of a patient